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Our Purpose & Mission

We are committed to providing affordable therapies that compliment integrative medicine and promote the bodies ability to heal naturally.

Carrie’s Healing Café offers 10 innovative therapies for strengthening the immune system that address a myriad of diseases and conditions.  Our holistic treatments are safe, effective and built around a solid foundation of understanding the immune system.  It is an indisputable fact that our therapies increase circulation, detoxification, and stimulation of the lymphatic system.  Additionally, many of our therapies like the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber, Infrared Sauna and Hyperthermia are proven to increase the production of red and white blood cells.  This also includes the promotion of apoptosis/death in cancer cells.

With over 20 years of experience as a licensed and registered nurse, Carrie provides hands on treatment for:

  • IV-Drips for Recovery, Flu/Viruses, and Cancer targeting high-dose vitamin C 
  • Red Lamp near-infrared therapy reduces inflammation, skin rashes and pain caused by arthritis, psoriasis and other ailments 
  • Indiba (radio wave) and HIFU (High Frequency UltraSound) also helps with inflammation and targets masts and tumors reducing their size or eliminating them entirely

Our mission is to spread awareness about holistic therapies as part of an integrative medicine approach for optimizing results before, during and after treatment plans. This is not limited to cancer patients.  

Lastly, we offer nutritional coaching packages with a certified holistic nutrition coach available for in-person coaching. 

We also offer a thoughtfully hand picked array of supplements to help support your immune system. Additionally, our lounge has a small library with two sofas with a seating capacity of 20 with folding chairs if you’re looking to host a small and intimate support group.  

Carrie is available by phone or text if you want to set up a free consultation in-person or over the phone. 

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Services can be purchased as membership plans to reduce costs