About Us

About Us

Committed to providing patients with affordable medicine alternatives

Carrie’s Healing Café is an integrative medicine center offering a comprehensive suite of Homeopathic Therapies to empower disease fighters and help them to heal.

Carrie, the owner, is a licensed registered nurse with 20 years of practicing experience. Currently, she fights stage 4 cancer. Carrie has utilized this therapy and this knowledge for her optimal health while fighting. Even though it is the most critical time, she still emerges as a fighter. Carrie has gone through this battle with the help of Alternative Medicine, she developed a firm belief that holistic medicine is the answer to the future. She hence spent several months in Mexico learning about it from doctors.

At Carrie’s Healing Café, we focus on strengthening a patient’s Immune System using various natural therapies and supplies. Our practitioners specialize in helping bodies heal by building their natural abilities to fight and ward off diseases. Our medicines are carefully designed to complement your physician’s medical plans and in no way contradict any treatment you might be receiving. Our mission at Carrie’s is to spread awareness about integrative Holistic Medicine and encourage patients to heal using therapies and natural supplies. We aspire to provide the community with affordable and danger-free healing options where they do not have to worry about hefty hospital charges.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding our services, please get in touch with our support team. We are available 24/7 to assist patients and also accept walk-in appointments during office hours.

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