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Empowering Health and Hope through immune-building education, affordable therapies, and quality supplies.

Carrie’s Healing Cafe opens up to a warm and cozy lounge with a welcoming sofa, chairs and ample space for a relaxing IV-Drip therapy. We invite our patrons to read and learn in between therapies and we often reserve our lounge for positive-minded support groups at no charge. Here, you will find a number of innovative holistic therapies all under one roof, such as our infrared sauna, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or hands-on therapies like Indiba (radio waves) and HIFU (High Frequency Ultra Sound) that directly target areas of concern. Additionally, we have an array of vitamin IV-Drip therapies for various health concerns, and an in-person certified holistic nutrition coach to support various health goals and nutritional protocols for combating diseases. Please click below to learn more about all of our therapies and services.


✓ Colds, Flus, Viruses, Covid-19   

✓ Weight, Diet, Sleep, Toxicity

✓ Inflammation, Pain, Skin Rashes, Wounds

✓ Irritability, Depression, Fatigue, Muscle Ache


✓ Preventative therapies  

✓ Supplement chemo and radiation therapies

✓ Post treatment remission goals 


✓ Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer  

✓ Arthritis, Auto-Immune, Neuropathy   

✓ Neurogical, Lyme, Fibromyalgia

Richard Edie
Richard Edie
Great IR Sauna treatment. Carrie is very knowledgeable about the health and immune benefits of the IR Sauna. The treatment also helps loosen tight muscles in my shoulders and back. The equipment is new and clean. The sauna was already prepared for me when I arrived for my appointment.
Seth Camp
Seth Camp
Very impressed with the variety and quality of services provided; was also surprised at how reasonably priced they are! Carrie's professionalism and knowledge was impressive as well.
Alysa Hinton
Alysa Hinton
This place is amazing!!
Carrie is so warm and welcoming. She is a wealth of knowledge & experience that so many of us just don’t know!

Reduce the risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer and many other diseases with immune building therapies. Our treatments help you fight flus and viruses by stimulating a strong immune response.  Learn how many of our therapies increases red and white blood cell production, including the promotion of apoptosis, the death of cancer cells. This also includes an enhancement of healing tissues, increasing blood circulation and supporting healthy detoxification of cellular waste.  

Carrie Crary, owner and RN offers immune building therapies with an a la carte cafe experience.

Carrie Crary, is a RN and stage-4 breast cancer fighter that has been battling cancer since 2013. Those who know Carrie best can attest to her love for hiking and all things outdoors. Despite her battle with cancer, Carrie continues to live an outgoing life with vibrant health. She credits the therapies she used at the Hope4Cancer clinic in Mexico for saving her life. Today, she’s offer 10 of these key therapies at her own business, “Carrie’s Healing Cafe” hoping to share the knowledge and help others fight and reverse diseases like cancer, heart disease and others.

Carrie Shares Her Ongoing Battle Breast Cancer


☎️ Call or Text me at (928)-830-1217