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Committed to providing patients with affordable medicine alternatives

Carrie’s Healing Café is an integrative medicine center offering a comprehensive suite of Homeopathic Therapies to empower disease fighters and help them to heal.

Carrie, the owner, is a licensed registered nurse with 20 years of practicing experience. Currently, she fights stage 4 cancer. Carrie has utilized this therapy and this knowledge for her optimal health while fighting. Even though it is the most critical time, she still emerges as a fighter. Carrie has gone through this battle with the help of Alternative Medicine.

Suite of Services

We extend a comprehensive suite of Alternative Healing Services aimed at helping your body strengthen its immunity and fight off dangerous diseases, including cancer.


Our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber service is aimed at helping you breathe to your 100% capacity and boost your body’s natural capacity to repair.


Carrie’s Healing Cafe offers Hyperthermia to awaken the Immune System to clean up and therefore increase its awareness of abnormalities.

INDIBA can treat a number of musculoskeletal ailments and diseases by adjusting the current’s strength to stimulate deep blood circulation to a specific location

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic Ultrasound Treatment is a method that uses sound waves to alleviate chronic pain and a variety of illnesses such as arthritis, fibromyalgia,

PEMF Technology uses coils to create a low-frequency, low-impact electromagnetic field that is administered to the patient’s body. 

Vibe Lymph Therapy

It is critical to cleanse your lymphatic system in order to clear your body from dangerous toxins and germs. It cures

Infrared Sauna

Release out the impurity and toxins present in your body, unveiling a glowing and clear complexion. Our Infrared Sauna session elevates your core temperature,

Who We Are

Professional Service Providers with Over 20+ Years in the Healthcare Industry

Carrie is a licensed registered nurse, serving the healthcare industry for more than two decades. After fighting off stage 4 cancer with the help of therapies, she now helps patients overcome their illnesses and heal their bodies using alternative medicine.

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